Morley Ob: Even More Mental Health Support Is Needed

According to NHS Digital, at any one time a sixth of the population in England aged 16-64 have a mental health problem, meaning the chances are we all know someone who is affected. Thankfully, mental health awareness is increasing, and this is a welcome and positive change in our society.  

Morley Ob: I Am Committed to Raising Awareness of EDS

As has become the norm, we’ve had another big week in British politics. But away from the headlines and Westminster gossip, I wanted today to highlight some of the things that may matter more to local people.

Yorkshire Post: The True Cost of Medication Errors

Patient safety is an issue very close to my heart, having lost my father to MRSA due to poor care and lack of cleanliness within the hospital setting after a routine operation to treat a lung infection.

Yorkshire Post: Caring For Our Children's Mental Health

Mental Health is one of the biggest challenges of our society and it affects children.

According to NHS data, one in eight (12.8 per cent) of 5 to 19 years old assessed in 2017 had a mental health disorder, the most prevalent being emotional ones.