Andrea chairs a webinar on the UK's music sector

This morning, I chaired a webinar organised by the Westminster Media Forum, titled "The UK's Music sector - copyright and policy developments, education and careers, investment and live music, and future trading relationships." This policy conference was due to take place in London, but because o

Wakefield Express: Stay Safe, Save Lives

Like many of you, I can hardly take in the pace of change over the past few weeks.

I keep thinking back to January 31st, and to my Big Brexit Bash, where hundreds came together, danced, sang, and enjoyed themselves in a huge show of community spirit and togetherness.

Wakefield Express: A Shining Example of Local Entrepreneurship

I recently paid a visit to Brenda’s forced rhubarb farm in Kirkhamgate, within the famous rhubarb triangle. Brenda’s farm is a shining example of local entrepreneurship continuing in the tradition passed down by generations, indeed almost all of the work is still done by hand.