Campaigning to Stop Over Development

It is fantastic to see the campaign against over-development in Churwell being highlighted in our new local paper, the Morley & District Press.

Morley & District Press: I'm Proud to Fight for Local Causes

My article in today's Morley and District Press:

A General Election has been called for Thursday 12th December. After years of Remain MPs having tried to overturn the referendum result, I welcome the opportunity to renew Parliament, to break the deadlock and finally get Brexit done.

Morley & District Press: Getting Up to Speed With You

In the final edition of the Morley Observer earlier this year, I wrote of my sadness that our area would be without a local paper, but also my pride in the local people that filled its pages over the years with such positive and uplifting stories of bravery, charity, kindness, hard work, and Morl

Moor News: I am Proud to Represent Our Area

I have once again enjoyed reading the latest edition of Moor News, Drighlington's community magazine.

In my regular column, I wrote of the strong civic sense of identity, community, and belonging we feel for our area, and how proud this makes me to represent Morley & Outwood.

Yorkshire Evening Post: Education Is Vital For Social Mobility

As you may know, education is very important to me. As a Conservative I believe that education is the key to social mobility, something that is close to my heart as the daughter of a lorry driver who started work aged 16 in Greggs bakery.

Moor News: Supporting Local Charities

Another great edition of Drighlington's community magazine, Moor News. I was happy to write an article about supporting local charities!

Morley Ob: Even More Mental Health Support Is Needed

According to NHS Digital, at any one time a sixth of the population in England aged 16-64 have a mental health problem, meaning the chances are we all know someone who is affected. Thankfully, mental health awareness is increasing, and this is a welcome and positive change in our society.