Andrea's views on Brexit

During the EU referendum campaign Andrea was appointed as the Vote Leave regional MP coordinator for all of the Yorkshire constituencies. The fantastic role meant that Andrea travelled across the region, taking part in TV interviews and debates about why she felt the nation would be better off outside of the European Union.

Andrea has been a passionate Brexiter since even before her election in 2015. As far back as 2014, Andrea was working on the 'Let Britain Decide' campaign, which advocated for the British people to have the final say on their membership of the EU through a referendum. Through travelling door to door and asking local people about their opinions on the Union, she realised many local residents shared her beliefs. The bureaucratic anchor had taken away Parliamentary sovereignty and prevented Britain from doing essential democratic tasks such as; deciding an immigration model, forging trade deals with historic friends and allies, making laws best suited to the British people and controlling budget contributions so that Britons would be able to keep more of what they earned. 

Andrea continuously presented these beliefs to the public both locally and nationally and she was delighted with the referendum result on the 23rd of June. 

Following the result and in Westminster, Andrea was elected by other MPs to the Exiting the European Union Select Committee. Her and 21 other colleagues have the essential responsibility of scrutinising the Brexit process and Andrea is determined to make sure the exciting outcome of the referendum is respected.