Andrea writes to CEO to save Ledger Lane Little Library

Andrea Jenkyns MP has written to the CEO of Wakefield Metropolitan District Council to request a suitable solution to save the Little Library on Ledger Lane, Outwood.


The Little Library, launched by the local resident Susan Thomas, is a cabinet placed outside of Outwood Park, where readers can exchange books for free.


Highways Officials from Wakefield Council have recently intervened, saying that the cabinet is obstructing the pathway and should be removed. Local residents have launched a petition asking to save the Little Library. This can be found on the “Outwood Network” Facebook group at the following link, or in a paper version inside the library itself.


Informed by some constituents, Andrea last week wrote to Merran McRae, CEO of Wakefield District Council, asking the Highways department to reconsider their decision or to support Ms Thomas relocating the Little Library in a more suitable position.


Andrea said: “Ledger Lane Little Library is a popular initiative, showing a great community spirit from local residents. The library has my full support and I asked the Council to help Ms Thomas finding a viable solution to keep it open”.