Andrea Welcomes Increased Local Education Spending

I am very pleased that the National Funding Formula allocations for schools in 2021-22 show a 5% increase for schools in our area. 

Education is vitally important to unlocking the potential of every young person and pushing social mobility, I am proud that our area can boast such fantastic schools. 

Last year the Government announced the biggest cash boost to school funding in a decade, worth a total of £14.4 billion over three years. Schools are already benefitting from a £2.6bn increase this year, which will rise to £4.8bn in 2021-22 and £7.1bn in 2022-23, compared to 2019-20. In addition, the Government continues to fund the recent increase in pension costs for teachers, worth £1.5bn a year.

Today, the Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, has announced that the Government are delivering the second year of that three-year funding commitment. and has published funding allocations for 2021-22, helping schools to plan their future funding during this challenging period.

The average school's National Funding Formula pupil-led funding increase in this period for our area is 4.1%, specifically with a 4.9% average increase for primary schools & 3.1% for secondary schools. 

The total funding for schools in our area, with the 5% increase, is now £78,003,380 - money well spent on our children's future!