Andrea visits Outwood Memorial Hall

Andrea Jenkyns MP visited the Outwood Memorial Hall following appalling act of vandalism.

Andrea was shown the damage and discussed the details of the event with members of the community who volunteer to help run the Outwood Memorial Hall, 

Andrea said: "Like many in our community, I was saddened and shocked to hear of the awful vandalism that occurred across Outwood over the festive period. The memorial hall is a pillar of the community and hosts a wide range of community events, including my regular Memory Cafes each month. It is also important to remember that the Hall is a war memorial, adding further discredit to the vandals."

Following Andrea's recent meeting with the Home Secretary and a further increase in police funding by an additional £970 million, Andrea is keen for our local area to receive the appropriate funds and for them to be deployed effectively. 

"I have written to the Police and Crime Commissioner and the West Yorkshire Police about this shameful attack and have asked them to do their best to find the culprits responsible for this disgraceful act."