Andrea Visits DIP Education Centre

It was a great pleasure to visit DIP in Batley. Whilst this centre is just outside our constituency, many residents have used the outstanding services and continue to do so.

This centre is in the top 10 of Independent Training Providers in the Leeds City Region, and aims to bring learning and skills into peoples lives using its unique, one to one, supported online learning delivery model - this empowers individuals to improve their quality of life whilst enhancing their employability prospects. 

It was great to meet some of the students and see how this form of education is undertaken, additionally I enjoyed touring the wider building- which has yet to be completed but will one day increase capacity for more people to achieve their goals. 

It was interesting to hear the presentation given and learn that DIP currently offers support for +900 individuals to help them gain skills and qualifications to support their entry into, or advancement within, employment.