Andrea Objects to Lane Side Farm Development

Residents will know that for a long time now, I have fought to protect the green space on the Churwell and Morley border, Lane Side Farm. 

I have long believed that the Labour dominated Leeds City Council housing target was much too high, and supported Conservative and MBI councillors in their efforts to lower this target- which has now been a success.

I do not believe that our local area can take 550 new homes, with one exit onto Churwell Hill that would cause untold traffic chaos and delays to commuters, not to mention the high environmental impact this could have. 

Sadly, Leeds City Council have now approved this development, meaning there will be homes built on this site. However, following a public meeting in Morley Town Hall it has become clear that there is still an opportunity to fight back, in the hope of chipping away at the developers profit margins and saving the land from development. 

Currently, the next stage- known as a reserved matters application, can be objected to. Here is the online link to send in your objections: 

Please note: Some sensible reasons for objecting, such as the high level of traffic this development will cause, are not valid at this stage. 

Residents can find my letter of objection below. I am also reaching out to local Councillors and community groups to help formulate a standard objection letter, with valid points, to help show Leeds City Council that our community remains firmly against this development.