Andrea Meets Local Road Safety Campaigner

Andrea met with Ian Greenwood, a road safety campaigner from Leeds about the number of people who are killed or seriously injured on our roads, in Leeds as well across the country (5 people, on average a day). Andrea was concerned to hear about how this impacts on families in our communities.  Ian and his family, as well as many other victims, knows how devastating this is as his daughter, Alice, was killed at the age of 12 by boy and girl racers driving in the opposite direction, in a race, at speed (over 80 mph in 50 mph zone).  The driver died, as well as his passenger and Alice. There are many things people can do - such as slow down (20 is plenty in residential areas), make sure seat belts are on and be aware that young people are particularly at risk. 

Ian promotes Vision Zero, which rests upon the dignity of each and every one of us. The aim is to reduce road deaths to zero. Ian has a plan based upon the Transport for London vision zero action plan, which can be found at



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