Andrea hands in Wrenthorpe Surgery petition to Wakefield CCG

Andrea has handed her petition requesting that the Wrenthorpe Branch Surgery remains open.

The MP met with the Wakefield CCG last Thursday to hand the 140-strong petition and make hers and residents’ concerns clear.

Dr Putman & Partners have asked the CCG for permission to close Wrenthorpe Branch Surgery on the grounds that they could no longer provide equitable services across their two practices, concerns around access and concerns around NHS service standards however local residents and Andrea have strongly challenged their proposals.

The petition argued that the closure will put additional unnecessary pressure on Outwood Park Medical Centre who would go on to serve a population of 13,000 residents, it would cause serious difficulties for vulnerable and elderly residents who would have to use the poor bus route between Wrenthorpe and Outwood and it would affect the local dentist and pharmacy, potentially starting a string of closures.

Wakefield CCG will now wait for the end of the consultation period on 22nd October before making their decision at the Probate Committee scheduled to be in November of December this year.

Commenting on the submission Andrea said: “The closure of Wrenthorpe surgery has the potential to drastically affect the service to all residents, not only those in Wrenthorpe but also in Outwood, and this is completely unacceptable.

This closure could make it very difficult for members of the elderly community and it fails to take into account our ageing and expanding population. Indeed, the solution to meeting NHS standards is to tackle the poor standards and not taking the easy option of closing a very popular and necessary centre.

I have asked that Wakefield CCG considers our petition and its points very carefully. I call on the CCG to ensure that the process of reviewing the evidence remains completely impartial and I truly hope that the group are able listen to residents and keep this centre open.”

The full petition letter be found here:…