Andrea fights speeding with local School Parliament

Andrea Jenkyns MP and the students of Ledger Lane Primary School put together a petition that got 448 signatures, asking Wakefield Council to install speed indication devices outside the school.

Andrea will be passing the petition onto both the Council and Parliament to raise awareness of road safety, especially around schools.

One member of the School Parliament, Nathan, said: “I’m excited to see if we can get a device outside our school to help save lives.”

Andrea said: “It is wonderful to see democratic participation and engagement since primary school. These pupils care about road safety and mobilised their peers, parents and teachers to improve the current situation in Ledger Lane. I hope the Council will be impressed as I am by their spirit of initiative and will fund the speed indication device.”

Ms L Leonard (School Parliament Lead) said: “The School Parliament at Outwood Primary Academy Ledger Lane was delighted to be able to have their Road Safety Petition received by Andrea Jenkyns MP and are looking forward to receiving a response form the Houses of Parliament.”