Andrea Fights to Save Morley Market

Last year, a number of stall holders in Morley Market contacted me about the financial difficulties faced by the company that owned the Market itself, Town and Country Markets. I worked with the company to raise the concerns of stall holders and to ensure stability for them and the people of Morley, and eventually the issue was resolved.

Unfortunately, it now appears that Town and Country Markets has chosen to sell Morley Market’s premises, and it appears that the building housing Morley Market has already being placed formally up for sale, with little warning for stall holders This has once again created stress and uncertainty for the stall holders, the majority of whom depend on this market being open as their source of income.

Morley Market is home to a diverse array of outlets, from traditional butchers and fruit & veg to phone shops, sweet shops, newsagents and many other important outlets. Over forty businesses operate in the building, with most employing several people and providing livelihoods to many in the community. Residents can read more about what is on offer in Morley Market on my guide, here:

In addition to contributing to our local economy, Morley Market serves as a vital lifeline in the local community, especially to those with mobility problems, the very young and the elderly. As well as being home to myriad goods and services, Morley Market provides a social space for groups like the elderly who are particularly at risk of social isolation.

Last year, it was reported that Morley Market was making a profit, therefore I see no reason for our historic market town to lose its market. I have been liaising with Town and Country markets for further information, and whilst I await this, I have raised this matter directly with the Chief Executive of Leeds City Council, Mr Tom Riordan, to ask him to investigate ways that we could help ensure Morley Market remains open, to bring stability to Morley and peace of mind to the independent traders that operate in the premises. 

I look forward to working with Mr Riordan to find a solution.