Andrea Chairs a Patient Safety Conference

I was very pleased to chair a patient safety conference in conjunction with Omnicell UK,the UK's leading provider of medication adherence packaging, hospital automated technology and robotic pharmacy systems. 

It was great to see positive leadership by Paul O'Hanlon, who spoke about the 237 million medication errors in NHS England each year. There was also a passionate speech by Yinglen Butt, Associate Director of Quality at the Royal Collage of Nursing about the 22,000 deaths per year that occur due to medication errors.

It was great to hear from Steve Tomlin, the Chief Pharmacist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, who discussed how technology is benefiting patient safety.

Finally, there was a panel discussion with the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Pharmacy, Kevin Barron MP,, Emily Watts from Diabetes UK, Heather Randle of the Royal Nursing College and Ed Platt from Omnicell.