Andrea attends First Aid demonstration

Andrea attended a demonstration on first aid, with a focus on children, from the British Red Cross in Morley. Basic knowledge of procedures can save lives. A number of resources are available on the #RedCross website and on a dedicated app.

Andrea was prompted to attend the demonstration following a recent debate in Westminster Hall on "Infant First Aid Training For Parents, in which she intervened.

She said: "I had first aid training with the Red Cross over a decade ago, as did my father. My dad put it to use when my mum had a mini-stroke, and my mum ended up using it on my dad when he was dying. I am a mother of a two-year-old little boy, Clifford. I am sure most parents would agree that the most precious thing in any parent’s life is their children. If we can, cross-party, encourage as many parents as possible to do that, that will be a win-win for us and for parents across the country."