Andrea Praises Town Deal Funding

I welcome the attached letter from the Minister of Housing, Communities & Local Government, Robert Jenrick MP, who has outlined that the £750,000 of Government funding for Morley, to help with levelling up communities and ensuring everyone benefits from economic growth, will arrive by the end

Andrea Welcomes Government £750,000 investment for Morley

I welcome this Government accelerated investment for shovel ready projects in Morley!

I know that £750,000 will go a long way towards helping to regenerate our local area & drive forward our economic recovery as we bounce back from the impact of Coronavirus

Andrea Backs British Troops

Today in Parliament I spoke in favour of the Overseas Operations Bill

This Government is putting an end to veterans being hounded by repeated vexatious claims & malicious lawfare, I will proudly be supporting our troops who do so much to protect us & our great country!

Andrea Asks PM To Support the High Street

During the Prime Minister's statement on COVID19, I took this opportunity to ask the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, how to support the High Street and businesses across Morley & Outwood that would face challenges with more restrictions.

Wakefield Express: Nothing Must Limit Our Potential To Succeed

Much has been said this week about the Government’s UK Internal Market Bill, which seeks to clarify some inconsistencies with the EU’s position towards the Withdrawal Agreement. I want to say firstly, I totally support the Government on this matter, and here is why.

Andrea Hosts Patient Safety Webinar

Today it was an honour to chair the webinar “Patient Safety and Embracing Technology” alongside Omnicell & patient safety representatives for an online interactive discussion on embracing technology to reduce medication errors.

Andrea Opens New School Building in Outwood

I am immensely proud to have helped to officially open the new school building at the fantastic Outwood Primary Academy Ledger Lane today.

The amazing team here do great work & pupils will continue to thrive in these new classrooms

Andrea Supports Government's Defence Against EU's Threat

In Parliament, I spoke of the need to introduce the UK Internal Market Bill, to defend the UK against EU threats to cut up our country if we did not accept their demands, My main speech can be found here:

Andrea Calls on MPs to defend UK Internal Market

Today in Parliament, I asked the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, if he agrees with me that MP's must legislate to protect the UK's internal market in the face of EU refusal to negotiate in good faith. Its vital we do so to stop the EU threat of cutting up our country,