Andrea welcomes Leeds transport funding

Andrea has welcomed the news that the Department for Transport will provide £173.5 million in funding to transform public transport in Leeds.

Pitty Close Farm Petition gathers 358 signatures

Andrea Jenkyns MP has teamed up with residents and local councillors to call on objectors to the proposal of 179 houses on Pitty Close Farm, Drighlington, to sign her petition asking Leeds City Council not to develop this greenfield land, adjacent to a historic site.

Andrea enjoys another great St. George's day in Morley

Andrea enjoyed another great St. George's day celebration in Morley on Sunday, watching the parade of over 1,000 people. 

Andrea loved being able to take her little boy, Clifford, to his first parade, and he even got to show off his new and very patriotic Union Jack shoes. 

Statement: General Election Announcement

Without doubt the biggest decision during this parliament occurred on Thursday 23rd June, 2016, when the British people decided to take back control and leave the EU.

UPDATE: Newmarket Stadium

First of all I would like to say thank you to the 1,117 fans who have added their name in support of our call for a public meeting to date. This is absolutely fantastic so thank you and please do continue to spread the word.

COLUMN: Wishing everyone a happy Easter

I would like to start by wishing everyone a Happy Easter. Easter is an important national and international holiday, a time when families come together often after a long time apart and enjoy a day steeped in tradition and history.

Statement: Newmarket Stadium

A lot of finger pointing and blame sharing has happened over the last few days and I, as I am sure are the many fans who have contacted me, feel that the point about the stadium is being missed: it is not about focusing on what went wrong and who is to blame, but about what the obstacles are and

COLUMN: What I want to see now that Article 50 has been triggered

On Wednesday the 29th of March Article 50 was finally triggered. After years of campaigning and 9 long months of waiting, we are embarking on a new and exciting process through which the Government must take back control; of our laws, immigration and trade.

Andrea's opinion on Gibraltar

If one thing was clear from my visit to Gibraltar last year, it was how resolutely British the locals see themselves. The referendum in 2002 through which 99% of the population rejected shared sovereignty with Spain makes their status as a British overseas territory crystal clear.