Morley Ob: Volunteers Help brighten Up Our Community

I often take the opportunity of this regular column in our local newspaper to praise the community spirit and pride in our home that Morley and the surrounding areas has.

Besides our outstanding and famous St George’s Day events, perhaps the second most iconic community event is Morley in Bloom. Nominations for Morley in Bloom’s Greater Morley Flower Garden Competition are now open until July 17th and judging will take place in the week beginning July 22nd. Those seeking more details or to enter this fantastic competition can pick up a form from D.W.Hunt florists on Queen Street.

The Morley in Bloom competition is a fantastic example of our blossoming community spirit, and it is a fantastic way to keep our local area looking good, fresh, and inviting for all. I am always pleased to see our high street covered in flowers and I would like to take the opportunity, in this column, to pay tribute to all the volunteers in Morley and surrounding areas making our streets look like a Garden Show.

Increasing the number of plants in our local area also helps improve our local environment. I have planted a number of trees in our local area for the Queens Commonwealth Canopy. In the last few months, small saplings have been planted in Drighlington and Gildersome with the assistance of the local Parish Councils, and other has been donated to local organisations. Most recently, I planted an Olive Tree at the Rodillian Academy. It was great to meet the students on this visit and to see them all so interested in their local environment, and in particular the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy initiative.

Alongside pride in our local area, we can be proud of our deeply held values. On Sunday, the annual Dartmouth Park Dog Show was held and I enjoyed once again attending, speaking with so many residents, and meeting their beloved dogs.

As an animal lover myself, it was a joy to meet so many fellow dog owners and it was a great opportunity to hear their views. I collected signatures for my campaigns to protect and enhance animal welfare and rights, proving further the good nature of our local area. This past week, Parliament has been debating Lucy’s Law, a legislation to prevent the third-party sale of puppies. This will curb puppy farming and illegal import of puppies and kittens from other countries, where the mothers suffer terrible atrocities. I proudly supported this legislation, and so did many constituents who signed the petition. I am currently liaising with the Secretary of State Michael Gove to review some aspects of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, in particular the suppression of these breeds of dogs when they are hosted in re-homing centres. I am also working with colleagues to try to prevent slaughtering of non-stunned animals, to extend the ban on trophy hunting and to support a worldwide ban on dog meat.

Readers can find more about my work in this area, such as to increase judicial sentences for animal abusers, on my website-

I am proud that our local area respects animal rights and believes that no animal should suffer. As many will know I am a passionate advocate for animal welfare and am always looking for ways to help our friends, who cannot help themselves.