Morley Literature Festival

I attended a luncheon at the Morley Literature Festival Literacy Lunch. The guest speaker was an author who had been a newspaper editor for many national tabloids. It was an interesting discussion about history and it was a speech made by David Cameron that was the inspiration for him writing his latest book.

I bought one of his books and asked him to sign it and address it to my friend for his birthday. As a big animal lover who has two dogs (Lady and Godiva Pictured), I could not resist attending an event by an author whose book tells the story of how a little dog changed a family’s life for the better.

An important aspect of the festival is that they offer many free events for children that allow them to engage in literature and there are also many workshops and storytelling session. It is both wonderful and so very important to see so many young people engage in literature, which obviously not only helps with improving reading, but with expanding their mind and imaginations, and also acts as a wonderful escape from the norm and allows them to lose themselves in a book.