Leeds MPs discuss flooding with Secretary of State

Following the terrible flooding in Leeds over the Christmas and New Year period, Morley and Outwood MP Andrea Jenkyns joined her fellow Leeds MPs in a meeting with Environment Secretary Liz Truss and Leeds City Council to discuss flood defences.

Though the Morley and Outwood constituency was largely unaffected by flooding, with the majority of the affected areas being farmers’ fields, Andrea wanted to ensure that the Government was doing everything possible to stop this sort of flooding happening again.

In the meeting the Secretary of State committed to ensuring that the Leeds area has the right level of protection against future flooding, and that the maintenance budget for flood defences would be protected in real terms.

In addition, she said that the Government is currently reviewing the formula for the allocation of compensation to homeowners and businesses affected by flooding. 

During the flooding Andrea toured the constituency to see for herself whether any areas had been damaged by the River Calder. She also spoke with the Secretary of State who promised any help that was required.

Commenting on the meeting Andrea said:

“It was very encouraging to hear the Government is protecting spending on flood defences and doing everything possible to protect Leeds from future floods.

“These floods were unprecedented, with the River Aire reaching levels a metre higher than have ever been seen before. The Government must do everything possible to protect against a similar event in future.

“While Morley and Outwood was not flooded, disruption in the city centre has had a major impact on people who commute into central Leeds and have family in the area.”