The state of the roads locally is disgraceful, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Many of us can’t leave the house without seeing potholes in our street, this isn’t an isolated problem on your street, it’s the same on many streets. 

Last March I launched the Morley and Outwood Pothole Patrol to tackle this problem. Thousands of people throughout the constituency have been in touch to report potholes, if you’d like to report one please use the contact details provided on this site. This has given me the ammunition to call on the local councils to take action, though sadly many roads still remain in a terrible state.

The government is now taking action, and has given local councils millions of pounds of extra funding to tackle potholes. Leeds City Council will receive  £8,700,000 extra and Wakefield MDC will receive £4,276,000 more. I am working to ensure our area gets its fair share of this.