Coronation Street, the Vikings and Morley Heritage

It was all happening in Morley this weekend.

Firstly I met the Vikings in Morley Market!
This was organised by market manager David Wilson and David Speight who is a local activist who I have met through the Friends of Morley Market  group. David passionately cares about the towns market and has been organsing such events including this and next week’s ghost hunting as a way to introduce new people to the market. The Viking education event on Saturday discussed the town’s dark age history along with a re-enactment group Ornsheim Vikings.  This was also party of the Morley Heritage Weekend exhibition which I visited in Morley Town hall which held an exhibition of old photos dating back to the 1960s.

I would also like to wish Bennett’s Butchers in Morley the very best of look and much success, they officially opened on Saturday and the launch was attended by Ashley Peacock from Coronation Street.

This was then followed by a great canvassing session in Robin Hood. A big thank you too India, Jacob, Mark  and Maureen for all their help today.