Keep Stanley Community Centre Open

I have now submitted the signatures from this campaign to Wakefield Council. To read the latest news please scroll to the bottom of this page. 


Save the last hill in Newton Hill

Following a 154 strong petition organised by Andrea with the support of local residents, the application to develop 8 two-bedroom homes, 49 three-bed and 27 properties with four or more bedrooms in Newton Hill has now been refused.

Save Siegen Manor

You can sign the petition below. You can also download a petition sheet to collect signatures offline. Please send or hand in completed petition sheets to Andrea's office at 62 Queen Street. Please return all petition sheets by 15th January 2016. Loading...

Supporting Local Business

Andrea and BusinessAndrea was brought up with an entrepreneurial background. Her Dad was a lorry driver who went on to set up his own transport company. Having also being self-employed herself, Andrea understands both the joys and challenges that businesses face.  

Making Sure Local Authorities Deliver

I am committed to helping residents hold local authorities to account and ensure they deliver on their promises, listen to local people, and supply the services residents need. 

More help for mental health

I welcome the Government's work on mental health, including more funding and raising awareness. Locally, I am committed to helping residents with mental health issues access help easily. 

Delivering the right Brexit

I am committed to standing up for the referendum result.

60% of Morley and Outwood, 58% of Yorkshire, and 52% of the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU - Overall, by a majority of 1.3 million people.

We must respect the will of the people and leave the EU in full.

Better Transport

Transport links in our area need to be strenghtened.  Andrea has had calls from several residents asking for a central bus station, also our station in Morley needs some major improvements too.  She has been campaigning on these matters for some time and last year in June 2014, Andrea brought the Transport Minister Robert Goodwill up to our area to see first hand what improvements need to be made.