Wrenthorpe Branch Surgery Closure

Please note: I have now handed the petition in to the Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). If you would still like to comment on the Branch closure, please contact my office on 0113 345 0380. You can read the latest developments on this campaign on the links below. 


I have teamed up with residents to launch a petition against the proposal by Dr Putman & Partners to close Wrenthorpe Branch Surgery.

My team attended a public meeting at Wrenthorpe Village Hall last Wednesday 30th August 2017 to listen to the public and the points raised by the Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group however it is clear that this proposal is flawed.

During the meeting, Outwood Park Medical Centre managers, who also manage Wrenthorpe Branch Surgery, explained that the primary reasons for the closure proposal were:

  1. That they could no longer provide ‘equitable’ services across two facilities with Wrenthorpe Branch Surgery no longer meeting the NHS services standards or compliance rules.
  2. The access to the facility is dangerous

It was made clear that this decision was not a matter of funding.

  • On point one, the closure of the Wrenthorpe Branch Surgery is expected to concentrate the entire demand for GP services from 13,000 residents on to one GP surgery, Outwood Park Medical Centre. This has the potential to drastically affect the service to all residents. We would argue that the existing building is fit for purpose and that in any case, it has sufficient capacity to extend and or be adapted. Indeed, there are options to, for example, improve parking provisions. We would argue that the solution to meeting NHS standards is to tackle the poor standards and not the easy option of closing the centre.
  • On point two, we must consider the expanding and aging population of Wrenthorpe and surrounding areas. Both bus and pedestrian routes in Wrenthorpe are difficult and there is only a very limited bus service from Wrenthorpe to Outwood. Furthermore, the Outwood Park Medical Centre is on top of a hill from Wrenthorpe making it very difficult for members of the elderly community to reach.
  • In addition to this, the decision to close Wrenthorpe Branch Surgery will undoubtedly affect the nearby Pharmacy and the local dentist which is located in the same building. Either of these businesses closing down will have a severe impact on the residents of Wrenthorpe.

Should the proposed closure of Wrenthorpe Branch Surgery go ahead, the whole community of Wrenthorpe would be affected.

The decision also has the potential to affect the local pharmacy and dentist and it will make life harder for residents who would have to travel to Outwood for appointments. It could also affect residents in Outwood as Outwood Park Medical Centre would have to serve 13,000 people, both villages combined.

I strongly believe that the issues raised by the Management Team of Outwood Park Medical Centre can be resolved without closing Wrenthorpe Branch Surgery, particularly as this issue is not a matter of funding.

I urge Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group to prevent this closure from going ahead. This decision must be made in the interests and quality of care of the residents of Wrenthorpe and not for the convenience of management.