Working In Our Community

In my role as Member of Parliament, I try not only to campaign to improve our local area but also bring attention to charities and local community groups that do great work to support our area, and people in need. 


Andrea Thanks Troops at Local Covid Test Centre

Proud of our troops who have been helping to test people for Coronavirus in Morley during this difficult time

Glad I got the opportunity to chat with some today & express our area's gratitude!

Andrea Praises Local COVID Volunteers

Fantastic meeting with Dan from WF3 Kindness, great to thank him for all his volunteer work during this difficult time- all the volunteers across our area are true heros of our community!

Andrea Supports the Federation of Small Businesses

Today I met with representatives from the Federation of Small Businesses in our area.

I am strongly in favour of supporting small business owners, the backbone of our economy and we are privileged to have so many independent businesses here in our area!

Andrea Meets Local Autism Campaigner

Pleasure to meet super mum Rachel today, a champion for autistic children in education. It's so important the right support is available. Check out her book!

Andrea Meets Local Road Safety Campaigner

Andrea met with Ian Greenwood, a road safety campaigner from Leeds about the number of people who are killed or seriously injured on our roads, in Leeds as well across the country (5 people, on average a day).

Andrea Visits YBS

Great to visit the Yorkshire Building Society in Morley today and discuss the local branch, the upcoming budget, and the work YBS do in schools and for charity to promote social mobility!

Andrea Meets OGA Lofthouse Gate School Parliament

Thank you to the School Parliament at Outwood Grange Academy Lofthouse Gate for meeting with me this morning!

It was great to tell you all about my role as an MP and answer your insightful questions!

Wakefield Express: A Shining Example of Local Entrepreneurship

I recently paid a visit to Brenda’s forced rhubarb farm in Kirkhamgate, within the famous rhubarb triangle. Brenda’s farm is a shining example of local entrepreneurship continuing in the tradition passed down by generations, indeed almost all of the work is still done by hand.