Supporting Our NHS

Andrea Jenkyns on how she is fighting for a better, more compassionate NHS


Imagine your loved one goes into hospital for a routine operation, you put your faith in your hospital that everything will be just fine, but through complications they end up passing away. This is what happened to my family; my father went into our local hospital, he contracted the superbug MRSA and died. That was in 2011 and it ignited a passion in me to fight to defend the right of every individual to have the best healthcare that is centered around compassionate care. It was what happened to my father that led me onto this journey and my decision to stand to be your MP.

For over three years I have been a trustee and voluntary representative for our region for the national charity MRSA Action UK. Through this I have worked with hospital trusts and schools in raising awareness and on educational programmes and been involved with the Government’s patient-led inspection initiative. Locally I have worked with Pinderfields on their clean hands campaign and I organised for Kirkhamgate Primary to design a hand hygiene poster to be displayed in the hospital.


I have supported the charity Antibiotic Research UK, who are working on the next generation of antibiotics and I recently addressed 700 people at a British Bioindustry event discussing why we need more investment in antibiotics, at which we raised over £30,000 for the charity. I am also a reviewer for the National Institute for Health Research, who are working to establish the NHS as an internationally recognised centre of research excellence.

Please see below some recent articles regarding how I am working hard for better care in our hospitals;



Andrea Holds Mature & Senior Citizens Fair

Today I held another of my Mature and Senior Citizens Fairs. in Morley Town Hall. 

I was pleased to be able to bring together a wide variety of stall holders including local services such as the police, fire service, and the local bus services. 

Andrea Welcomes DWP Neuroinclusion Commitments

During my recent visit to Coca Cola in our area, which you can read more about: here, I heard more about the fantastic work they are doing and the increased investment.

Success: Andrea Welcomes Health Minister's EDS Awareness

In March 2018, I held my Health Fair in Morley Town Hall, at which a wide variety of stall holders offered help and support to local residents. You can read more about my Health Fair, and EDS, on my website here: CLICK ME 

Andrea Meets Nurses in Parliament

I know that Nurses are at the core of our health service, changing lives with their compassion and commitment.

It was great to meet a delegation in Parliament and call for a boost in recruitment to provide safe and effective care to patients across England.


Moor News: Supporting Local Charities

Another great edition of Drighlington's community magazine, Moor News. I was happy to write an article about supporting local charities!

Andrea Attends Arthritis Event

I was pleased to attend Versus Arthritis event for the release of their 'Work it Out' report.

The Access to Work scheme can make a vital difference for those suffering from Arthritis in supporting people in the workplace.

Andrea Supports Adoption UK Charity

This morning I attended the launch of the Adoption Barometer by Adoption UK.

Adoptive parents are so important to vulnerable children and help give them a good start in life.