Supporting Local Business

Andrea and Business

Andrea was brought up with an entrepreneurial background. Her Dad was a lorry driver who went on to set up his own transport company. Having also being self-employed herself, Andrea understands both the joys and challenges that businesses face.  

Since becoming the prospective parliamentary candidate for Morley and Outwood in April 2013  Andrea has visited, and spoken to, many businesses in the area. They have raised many issues of concern about the impact of the actions of the local council and central government and its agencies. It clear that too often they feel powerless to get anything done and frustrated that no-one is listening to them. 

To help do something about this is why Andrea established MOBA. 

Morley & Outwood Business Association

Since being formed in February 2014 by Andrea, the Morley and Outwood Business Association has provided a voice for local business people to make their views known to local and national politicians.

In a series of meetings with Government Ministers including the then Housing Minister (Kris Hopkins MP), the then Financial Secretary to the Treasury (Nicky Morgan MP), Timothy Kirkhope MEP and the Leader of the House (William Hague MP), business people have had the opportunity to ask questions and raise issues of concern. 

MOBA was also heavily involved with the first Jobs and Skills Fair organised by Andrea in October 2014. This was attended by 30 businesses who took stalls seeking to recruit people, workshops were provided on areas such as CV Writing and over 300 people attended.

Andrea said:

"Politicians often make the right noises about recognising the importance of businesses in creating wealth and jobs, but all too often then demonstrate that they have no real understanding of what they are talking about.

"I have spent over 15 years in management in the private sector including a time running my own business and I hope that I will not make that mistake."

'On the Shop Floor'

Since her election in 2015 Andrea has regularly visited businesses in the local area as a part of her 'On the Shop Floor' campaign. 

Her visits allow her to see first-hand the fantastic work businesses do for the local economy, yet she is also able to learn about the challenges they face and how she can help to overcome them. 

If you would like to read more about Andrea's 'On the Shop Floor', please read the the entries under the 'Columns' tab. 

'Towns of the Future'

To support the high street, Andrea launched her high street campaign, Towns of the Future, at the beginning of 2019. 

Working with residents Andrea aims to support existing local shops whilst also preparing the high street for the future. As shopping changes we must help our high street evolve into the towns of the future. 

The Towns of the Future campaign has 5 key priorities, including lowering business rates. You can see more detail on this campaign here, including a petition to help support existing businesses with lower rates. 


Andrea Visits Bottle & Tap

Great to meet the team at one of Morley's newest bars, Bottle & Tap

A very comfortable (and air conditioned!) place to relax after a long week of work, with great atmosphere - please do support our local businesses!

Andrea Speaks to Carl Saint, Local Morley Brewer

On Friday I visited Frisky Bear Brewing Co, a fantastic local business with strong Morley roots!

Check out their website for more information about these interesting looking ales & beers!

Andrea Visits the Yorkshire Bridal Shop

The weddings sector has really struggled throughout lockdown. I was thrilled to meet with Jayne, Anne (& Boris the sewing machine) who run the Yorkshire Bridal Shop, the one stop shop for every bride, budget, & big day.

Andrea visits Frisky Bear Brewing Company

I was thrilled to visit Frisky Bear Brewing Company, a company that has made Morley its heart & its home. Carl & Claire have built a brilliant local business, who brew and supply bear-y nice ales & beers.

To find out more, click below:

Andrea Visits 'Compassionate Kitchen'

I was delighted to support Sharon & Whitney at Compassionate Kitchen, which has recently opened in Morley Market. They have a fantastic selection of vegan treats - both sweet & savoury. I'd encourage everyone, including any meat eaters out there, to pop in & give it a try!

Andrea Discusses Animal Welfare at the Body Shop

Great discussions with the lovely team at The Body Shop!

There's a real focus on animal rights here & all products will soon be vegan.

Great work also for your fantastic efforts raising money to tackle homelessness & support mental health awareness

Andrea Visits Carr Gate Garden Centre

Great to visit Carr Gate garden centre again today & catch up with the fantastic team here. Good to know they've been busy despite restrictions. The cafe here is now fully open and I'm pleased that the Sunday and Wednesday roasts are available - well worth a try!