Stop Trophy Imports

As a passionate advocate for animal rights, I am happy to support this campaign to stop trophy imports. 

Banning trophy imports will not only send a strong message to the world, that Britain is standing up for animals, but also will help to end the barbaric practice of trophy hunting. 

We must act now if we are to protect the many endangered species and preserve them for generations to come. 

I have signed Early Day Motion #1829, alongside over 150 of my colleagues, which calls on the Government to commit to halting imports of hunting trophies as a matter of urgency.

Please sign my petition below to show your support for this campaign. Together we can help to save endangered animals and preserve them from extinction..

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Your data might be shared with third parties for the sole purpose of the Stop Trophy Imports campaign. 

Ban Trophy Imports

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I support banning Trophy Imports to help end Trophy Hunting and conserve endangered animals