Standing Up And Ensuring We Deliver Brexit

I am committed to standing up for the referendum result.

60% of Morley and Outwood, 58% of Yorkshire, and 52% of the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU - Overall, by a majority of 1.3 million people.I pledge to honour the 2016 referendum result, the largest mandate in the history of British politics. 

I passionately believe that Britain's best future lies outside the European Union and I look forward to the opportunities this will create. 

We must respect the will of the people and leave the EU in full.

We must leave the Single Market, to stop sending huge sums of money annually to the EU and to end freedom of movement.

We must leave the Customs Union to be free to strike new, bold, free trade deals with our friends and partners across the world, particularly with emerging economies such as India and those in Africa.

We must take back control in every sense, ensuring the laws that govern this great country come from the UK Parliament that is elected by the people who live by these laws, not from an un-elected commission across the seas.

I resigned from my Government role in May 2018 to ensure I was free to speak up for Brexit, and the views of my constituents, I will fight for the Brexit we voted for, the Brexit that can deliver opportunities for our great nation. 

I am pleased that our new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is showing real leadership and is committed to delivering upon the referendum result - leaving the European Union- with a good deal or no deal by October 31st. 

I welcome his strong commitment to this pledge and look forward to the UK being finally free from the EU after these long years. 


Andrea Praises our Strong Economy

I'm proud that reforms have ensured that since 2010, this Conservative Government has helped over 3.6 million more people into employment.

Local Dinner with Rt, Hon Dominic Raab MP

After last nights late votes in Parliament, I rushed back home to meet with residents, supporters, and local party members!

Thank you to my friend and colleague Dominic Raab for coming up to Morley. Fantastic and inspiring speech; a true Brexiteer who believes in Britain!

Protection of Animals Post-Brexit Laws: Passed

Today, I had a committee meeting that passed legislation to enshrine into UK law, the protection of our wildlife post-Brexit.

As an animal welfare advocate I was pleased we were able to make this positive step.

I can't wait for when all our laws are made here in Britain! 

Constituency Round Up (4.3.19)

I’ve enjoyed another fantastic and fast paced few days, back home in our local area.

On Friday, I hosted another of my regular Memory Cafes, and was overjoyed with the record attendance of over 30 residents.

Andrea meets with US Ambassador Johnson


Andrea has once again met with the US Ambassador to the UK, Mr Johnson. They discussed a variety of subjects including Brexit and the special relationship.

On the Doorstep: Andrea talks to Residents

It was fantastic to join with local volunteers for an Action Day today in West Ardsley and the surrounding areas.

It is always great to meet so many constituents and I had some really positive conversations with residents on the issues that matter to them!

Andrea Supports Increased Animal Rights Post-Brexit

As many residents will already know, I care deeply about animal welfare and protections.

I was very happy, therefore, to support the coalition campaign that is calling for the Government to bring forward legislation that recognises animal sentience in law.