Standing Up And Ensuring We Deliver Brexit

I am committed to standing up for the referendum result.

60% of Morley and Outwood, 58% of Yorkshire, and 52% of the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU - Overall, by a majority of 1.3 million people.I pledge to honour the 2016 referendum result, the largest mandate in the history of British politics. 

I passionately believe that Britain's best future lies outside the European Union and I look forward to the opportunities this will create. 

We must respect the will of the people and leave the EU in full.

We must leave the Single Market, to stop sending huge sums of money annually to the EU and to end freedom of movement.

We must leave the Customs Union to be free to strike new, bold, free trade deals with our friends and partners across the world, particularly with emerging economies such as India and those in Africa.

We must take back control in every sense, ensuring the laws that govern this great country come from the UK Parliament that is elected by the people who live by these laws, not from an un-elected commission across the seas.

I resigned from my Government role in May 2018 to ensure I was free to speak up for Brexit, and the views of my constituents, I will fight for the Brexit we voted for, the Brexit that can deliver opportunities for our great nation. 

I am pleased that our new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is showing real leadership and is committed to delivering upon the referendum result - leaving the European Union- with a good deal or no deal by October 31st. 

I welcome his strong commitment to this pledge and look forward to the UK being finally free from the EU after these long years. 


Wakefield Express: Nothing Must Limit Our Potential To Succeed

Much has been said this week about the Government’s UK Internal Market Bill, which seeks to clarify some inconsistencies with the EU’s position towards the Withdrawal Agreement. I want to say firstly, I totally support the Government on this matter, and here is why.

Andrea Supports Government's Defence Against EU's Threat

In Parliament, I spoke of the need to introduce the UK Internal Market Bill, to defend the UK against EU threats to cut up our country if we did not accept their demands, My main speech can be found here:

Andrea Calls on MPs to defend UK Internal Market

Today in Parliament, I asked the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, if he agrees with me that MP's must legislate to protect the UK's internal market in the face of EU refusal to negotiate in good faith. Its vital we do so to stop the EU threat of cutting up our country, 

Andrea Speaks at Bruges Group Conference

A massive thank you to the Bruges Group for putting on a truly fantastic conference about Global Britain. Some real optimism in the room.

(Except for the Remainer chap who came in to protest; but I did enjoy a dance with him to his Irish jig music he brought with him!)

Andrea Tells PM: Brexit Is An Opportunity

Today at Prime Minister's Questions in Parliament I asked if the Prime Minister agrees with me that Brexit is a new chapter, where we will finally control our laws, our borders, our money, and where we will be free to become a truly globally trading nation.