Protecting Our Greenbelt and Building More Affordable Homes

I stand with residents and share their deep concerns about the viability of the Council's housing plans , so I am working closely with residents action groups and community groups to ensure our voices are heard and to stop unsuitable developments on our green spaces. 

I am not against development totally, with our expanding and ageing population we need new homes that will bring the cost of getting onto the property ladder down to attainable levels for the next generation. However I am  concerned with many of the council's current development plans as I do not believe the infrastructure can cope and would like to see better use of our brownfield sites to build more affordable homes for local people and first-time buyers. 

As our population grows and the economic recovery continues it is natural that Morley and Outwood will need more houses, this also means we have to take action to ensure houses built in our area are of the right number, in the right place, and that our infrastructure can cope with increased demand.

It is important to provide high quality, affordable homes to help residents get on the property ladder, whether renting or buying. However this must not come at the expense of our precious green spaces 

Recent work on stopping over-development: 

Lane Side Farm- 

I strongly oppose the development at Lane Side Farm in Churwell. 

Alongside the local independents and residents, I have for many years objected to Labour's high housing target and the poorly thought out developments that it has caused. 

We must protect our green spaces as once lost, they cannot be regained. Residents can read my most recent statement on this matter, alongside my most recent letter to Tim Hill, the Chief Planning Officer at Leeds City Council, here: CLICK ME

Alongside committed and passionate local people, I have helped to organise opposition to this ill thought out development. 

Haigh Moor Woods- 

I have stood with residents in their fight against over-development in our local area. I live in East Ardsley, not far from this proposed development, and know the pressures it would put on our local infrastructure. I support the West Ardsley Action Group and the Help Save Haigh Woods Campaign, and will continue to work with them to fight this inappropriate development. 

Chidswell Action Group-

I am campaigning to stop housing developments on Batley Road, on the border with Morley and Outwood near the West Ardsley area.

Greenbelt must be protected and brown field must be prioritised by developers. We got a great reception and an impressive number of local residents agreed to display placards of the campaign in their gardens.


Like residents, I am willing to support a development in the Newmarket area providing a community stadium is also built. Fans have been waiting too long for this to happen (read more here), and we cannot accept developers developing this area without fulfilling their promise of a new stadium. 

I have written to Wakefield Council's Planning Department regarding the community stadium and the need to keep their promise to the local residents: Read here.  

Wrenthorpe - Jerry Clay Lane

In Wrenthorpe, I worked with local community groups and residents to fight against the development proposals at Jerry Clay Lane. 

Developers have proposed to build 200-220 homes on Green Belt land. I stand with residents in opposing the use of Green Belt land to meet the housing needs of Wakefield, especially whilst brownfield sites are available.   

Ouchthorpe Lane

I am working with residents in Newton Hill and Outwood to save the last part of Green Belt land in the WF1 postcode. Developers are proposing to build 500 new houses off Ouchthorpe Lane as part of the Local Plan 2036. 

I have written to the council urging decision makers to prioritise brownfield sites that are available across Wakefield. 
Local residents can sign the online petition to fight this development by emailing: 

Please see below details of some of the planning issues that I have been involved in previously: 

I have been working with residents around the constituency on planning concerns; these include; Cottingley Springs, McDonalds-Tingley, Lofthouse, Newton Hill, Gildersome, and general issues with the Wakefield Council and Leeds City Council's Local Development Framework Plans.

I’ve working with the Friends of Newton Hill Group to stop a developer building on the last piece of greenbelt in WF1, an ongoing campaign that Wakefield Council don’t care enough about. I’ve also supported Morley Against Reckless Construction and opposed the disproportionate amount of houses  Labour run Leeds City Council’s Local Development Framework proposes to build in Morley, Ardsley and the surrounding settlements. As your MP I would ensure development in Morley and Outwood is of the type and scale acceptable to local people.

Meeting in Parliament with Eric Pickles to discuss Planning Concerns;

Cottingley Springs Planning Issues

Meeting with planning minister 

Gildersome Planning Issues

Addressing 200 residents at a rally

Public Meeting in Churwell on the LDF Planning;

Cottingley Springs gets called in by Secretary of State;

My letter to the Wakefield Express regarding Newton Hill;

Why we need to build on redundant land;

Eric Pickles hears Newton Hill Planning Concers;

McDonalds Tingley, Cottingley Springs, Lofthouse and Newton Hill;

If you need any help or support, please do contact me: Andrea.Jenkyns.MP@Parliament.UK 



Lane Side Farm Objection Letter

As residents will know, I strongly oppose the development at Lane Side Farm in Churwell. 

Alongside the local independents and residents, I have for many years objected to Labour's high housing target and the poorly thought out developments that it has caused. 

Andrea Attends West Ardsley Action Group Meeting

Andrea joined West Ardsley Action Group (WAAG) members tonight at the community centre near Hill Top school.

Andrea is supporting the group's campaign to save Haigh Woods and protect our green spaces from unsuitable developments. 

Success: Ouchthorpe Lane development Cancelled

Ouchthorpe Lane development cancelled following Andrea Jenkyns MP’s successful campaign with local residents

Andrea Jenkyns MP has joined residents in successfully opposing a proposed development on green belt land off Ouchthorpe Lane.

Save Ouchthorpe Lane Green Belt

It was fantastic to meet up with residents today to save our local green spaces. Stopping over development is a key part of My Plan for our local area and residents in WF1 will likely have received my leaflet regarding the development proposals at Ouchorpe Lane.

Andrea Jenkyns' constituency update

Many activities for all in Morley and Outwood this weekend starting with the Annual Schools’ Music Festival to be held in the Alexandra Hall, Morley Town Hall later on this morning (website link at the bottom of this post).