Nominate a Responsible Business Champion

Nominations for a Responsible Business Champion are now closed. Thank you to everyone that took part, we will be in touch shortly. 


Do you know a company who's work you would like to celebrate?

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Corporate Responsibility are running their Annual Responsible Business Champion award and I would like you to help me nominate a local candidate.

All you need to do to is nominate a fantastic local business who is known for its excellent corportate responsibility. This includes:

1) Supporting the local community

2) Investing in a healthy workplace

3) Regularly offering apprenticeships and training opportunities

4) Promoting inclusively in the work place, including offering people with disabilities work opportunities

5) Monitoring their suppliers' actions.

From the nominations there will be a shortlist and a final voting process where everyone will be involved and, from this, I will send your choice to the Parliamentary Group.