My Plan for Morley and Outwood

My plan for Morley and Outwood: 

Delivering the right Brexit

I am a passionate Brexiteer, and have been for years. As far back as 2014, worked with the 'Let Britain Decide' campaign, which advocated for the British people to have the final say on their membership of the EU through a referendum. Local residents share my belief, that Britain will thrive outside of the European Union, and in 2016 voted to leave the EU by 60%. 

I am committed to standing up for the referendum result and ensuring the Government respects the will of the British people to leave the EU in full. 

More details can be found here: Delivering the right Brexit

More help for mental health

I welcome the Government's work on mental health, including increased funding and appointing a minister for Suicide Prevention. Locally, I am working to improve awareness in Morley and Outwood. I works with carers and the Alzheimer's society to host regular Memory Cafes across the constituency. I have hosted mental heath round tables and I am working to improve access to counselling in schools.

More details can be found here: More help for mental health

Better transport

I am keen to improve transport across Morley and Outwood. I have launched a pothole patrol hotline (07383339411) for residents to report potholes on. Additionally, I have worked with the Government to secure more funding for our train stations.

More details can be found here: Better Transport.

Making sure local authorities deliver

I am committed to helping residents hold local authorities to account, and to getting the local councils to put more police on patrol across Morley and Outwood, guarantee waste collections, and keep our streets clean.

More details can be found here: Making sure local authorities deliver

Stopping over development

I stand with residents against the Council's housing plans, which clearly amount to over development. I am working with residents action groups to stop unsuitable developments on our green spaces. 

More details can be found here: Stopping over development.


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Andrea Cleans up Our Streets

This afternoon I joined with Morley Victoria Primary School pupils & local volunteers for a litter pick in Morley.

Andrea holds her Pensions Awareness Bus Surgery

Just held my Pensions Awareness Bus Surgery in Morley!

Thanks to all the pensions experts such as, Scottish Widows & Department for Work and Pensions - DWP who gave fantastic help and support to residents.