More Investment to Improve our Roads and Rail Services

I am fighting to improve transport for residents across Morley and Outwood. This means improving both our roads for motorists, and our public transport for commuters who rely on bus and train services to get to work on time. I will continue to fight for improvements so that we get the station that and transport links that our area deserves..


The railway stations in Morley and Outwood need some major improvements. For some time, I have pushed for more funding for our local stations. In Morley I am campaigning for installing a ticket machine, so commuters don't have to queue once they get into Leeds, improved lighting, car parking facilities and disabled access so that everybody can access our public services. 

Since 2015, I have campaigned vigorously on improving rail links. I have held meetings with a variety of Transport Ministers, including Andrew Jones MP, Paul Maynard MP, and several meetings with the previous Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, and current Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps. Furthermore, I have met with Morley Station stakeholders, to ensure that the train station issue is tackled cooperatively.

In early 2017 I was delighted to announce proposed improvements to Morley Station, as agreed by a variety of Stakeholders and myself at a meeting at the Station. Read more here


I know how vital it is to support drivers. They are the backbone of the economy and society, being small businesses and providing people with the means to get to school, work, hospitals and police stations. 

Due to this, and the state of our roads following harsh winters, I have launched my Pothole Patrol, calling on drivers to Whatsapp me any pothole locations they come across. I will used this collection of evidence in meetings with Local Councils to encourage them to spend the amount needed on fixing roads in bad condition. I would like to encourage Constituents to keep sending in pothole pictures and locations, so that I can continue to pressure the Council to improve our roads and make drivers' lives easier. 

Whatsapp me locations of Potholes, and I will send them on to the council to fix: 07383339411

I welcome the Government's dedicated Pothole Fund, to help improve the condition of roads in the North and to make her constituents' lives smoother and more stress-free. 

As well as roads, I understand how fuel duty can burden drivers' lives. Prior to the Autumn Statement I delivered a Fair Fuel UK petition calling on the Chancellor to freeze fuel duty in his Statement. Read more here.

I was delighted when the Chancellor listened to the petition, and my constituent's advice and announced a fuel duty freeze in the Statement. I also welcome the Prime Minister's announcement at the 2018 conference that fuel duty will be frozen for a further year. 

As a part of my campaign to lower fuel duty, I have spoken to ITV Calendar about the proposed diesel tax in Leeds. I believe the diesel tax is regressive, as it punishes drivers with new, clean diesel vehicles as well as those with older, more dangerous ones. Furthermore, I raised the prospect of more successful air quality improvement models, such as the ones seen in Japan, which encourages the adoption of hybrid car models, rather than the punishment of diesel drivers. Read more here.


I believe that we need to put a strong business case together to demonstrate to bus companies that we need a more regular bus service

I understand the need to improve Bus links in the area and why constituents have been calling for a new and improved bus station. As a part of my goal to understand how Bus services in the area can be improved, I have held two bus surgeries in combination with First Bus and Arriva. 

The Bus surgeries allow constituents to board a bus and present myself and a member of either the First Bus or Arriva team their concerns and see how they could be remedied. The surgeries have been extremely successful with many constituents getting involved, and it has allowed me to form a wider picture of the bus situation in the area. If you have bus related issues please come along to my next bus surgery and raise them. 








Andrea 'delighted' by News of White Rose Rail Station

Andrea Jenkyns MP, the Conservative MP for Morley and Outwood, has said she is “delighted” following the news that a new train station is set to be built at the White Rose, as part of the Government’s £32 million New Stations Fund.

Andrea Discusses Morley Train Station With Transport Minister

Thank you to Transport Minister, Andrew Stephenson, for visiting Morley station with me today to discuss future upgrades, including the electrification of the line

I'm fighting hard for further station improvements, including disabled access & better parking facilities!

Andrea Raises Local Transport Links with Transport Secretary

Good meeting with Transport secretary Grant Shapps and other Yorkshire MPs

I raised the campaign to re-open East Ardsley Station & disabled access at Morley Station. Great to hear that the Government will be investing in improving transport!

Andrea Calls for Ticket Refunds

Today I asked the Minister of State for Transport about ticket refunds for commuters across Morley & Outwood

I'm pleased the Government has worked with rail companies to make refunds avaliable for all during this difficult time.

Andrea Holds Train Station Surgery

Today I held my Train Station Surgery at Morley station.

Thanks to everyone who stopped to chat with us, and to Northern  & Network Rail for coming to hear commuter's concerns.

Andrea Supports Re-Open Ardsley Station Campaign

Lovely to meet Nigel to discuss ideas surrounding the reopening of East Ardsley Station!

Having previously discussed reversing the historic Beeching cuts with Ministers, I'm happy to lend my support to this campaign. Sign the petition here!