Keep Stanley Community Centre Open

Wakefield District Council are proposing to close the Stanley Community Centre and this will damage the community in Stanley. Local people will be stripped of a fantastic place for residents of all ages to socialise and enjoy recreational activities together. Andrea wants to see the Stanley Community Centre remain open and provide services for the people of Stanley.

The centre is integral to our community because:

1.      The Stanley Community Centre is used to provide fitness classes to help people stay fit and healthy. Promoting healthy living is something that the city should certainly continue to promote and benefit from.

2.      There are local activities for the elderly community. Looking after our elders is very important for our communities and this centre allows them to socialise in a safe and familiar space.

3.      It gives local people a place to integrate with and meet new people. With new developments being proposed in our area, surely even more people will need and benefit from this space.

4.      There is already a lack of alternative services provided by the Council in the area.

Andrea believes that community centres are the heart of a community. While we do need to ensure that Britain does not live outside its means and create a lasting debt burden for our children and their families, there are many areas of Council waste that can be looked at before taking the quick and easy option to close our community centres. It is the responsibility of the council to ensure that local facilities are maintained for the safety of our communities.

Join us in our fight and sign here if you want to see your local community centre stay open.




Andrea Jenkyns' constituency update

Many activities for all in Morley and Outwood this weekend starting with the Annual Schools’ Music Festival to be held in the Alexandra Hall, Morley Town Hall later on this morning (website link at the bottom of this post).