Help save Drighlington's green spaces


This petition has now been handed in to Leeds City Council but you can read the latest news on the campaign below. 

Plans have been submitted to build 179 homes on Pitty Close Farm, Drighlington. This is in addition to the 42 homes already approved in Drighlington last year that the community needs to absorb.

Houses do need to be built but these must be planned responsibly and developed in adequate areas. Greenfields and areas where the community’s infrastructure, environment and highways are going to suffer are not appropriate.

Leeds has sufficient brownfield capacity where housing should be developed first and both the Council and developers should prioritise these areas first.

I, in cooperation with Councillor Robert Finnigan of the Morley Borough Independents, and the undersigned residents object to Leed’s City Council Planning Application, 16/07987/OT, on the following grounds:

  1. Infrastructure: The local village school is already at capacity and is unable to be extended, as confirmed by Leeds City Council Childs Services. Appointment waiting times at local GP surgeries can often be 3 to 4 days with the current population of the village. Bus routes into Leeds/Bradford/Wakefield are already at full capacity during core commute hours – there are no proposals in the plans to direct any public transport through the development meaning existing routes would be drained even further. This is in addition to the 42 houses approved in application 14/01904.
  2. Environment: The area is classed as medium flood risk by Yorkshire Water. This development will exacerbate problems caused by flooding. The local pump station for the area is working at capacity and unable to cope with the current volume of waste. As a result of the failure of the local pump station, damage to local residents’ property is extensive including; flooding of land/gardens of both foul and top water drainage; raw sewage contaminating private gardens and death of livestock due to contaminated natural water supplies. This is all in addition to the added loss of a green visual break on the landscape.
  3. Highways: Village access roads (A58/A650) are currently suffering from congestion. A development of this size, in addition to the 42 houses already approved, would see large volumes of traffic directed back into the village. There have been recent incidents on the A650 and increased traffic would hinder this further. Assuming that each household will have two cars, there could be an increase of 900 additional car movements a day (work commute only - including houses approved in 14/01904). This coupled with single point access from King Street where visibility is limited and current traffic flow is high and accidents have already occurred, means the possibility of more accidents is increased.


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Community’s last chance to save Pitty Close Farm

In a last-ditch attempt, Andrea has written to the Leader of Leeds City Council, Councillor Judith Blake, to urge for the approval of 208 new houses in Drighlington to be reversed.

Pitty Close Farm Petition gathers 358 signatures

Andrea Jenkyns MP has teamed up with residents and local councillors to call on objectors to the proposal of 179 houses on Pitty Close Farm, Drighlington, to sign her petition asking Leeds City Council not to develop this greenfield land, adjacent to a historic site.

Andrea Jenkyns' constituency update

Many activities for all in Morley and Outwood this weekend starting with the Annual Schools’ Music Festival to be held in the Alexandra Hall, Morley Town Hall later on this morning (website link at the bottom of this post).