Help Fight Crime In Our Area

Like residents, I want to see more police on the beat in Morley and Outwood to help tackle crime, increase police visibility, and keep our communities safe. 

I recently told the Minister for Policing, Nick Hurd MP, that the people of Morley and Outwood want to see more police officers on the streets. He told me that the Government has taken steps that have led to an additional £460 million of taxpayers’ money going into the police system, including another £9.9 million for West Yorkshire, with which the police and crime commissioner for our area has said that he will recruit more than 140 police officers and staff. 

Sign my petition below to help me keep up the pressure on Local Authorities such as the West Yorkshire Police, Crime Commissioner and Central Government to ensure we tackle crime here in Morley and Outwood.

Help fight Crime in Our area

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I agree we should have more crime fighting resources in our area to help increase police visibility and combat crime.


Wakefield Express: Arrests Made After MP Meeting

I'm very pleased that progress has been made in the Outwood Memorial Hall vandalism case.

The below is from today's Wakefield Express. I'm glad I have been of help.

I will continue to monitor this situation and hold my regular Memory Cafes for residents in the Memorial Hall.

Andrea praises two local tradesmen who helped the police find a thief

Spencer and his business partner Paul from Morley and Outwood, set up the ‘Van and Tool Theft Awareness group’ on Facebook after being victims of tool theft from their vans.

Through their hard work they were able to track down one of these thieves who is now severing 7 years in prison.

Andrea Raises Tougher Sentences for Crime

Today, Andrea raised the recent vandalism that occurred over the Christmas period at Outwood Memorial Hall in the House of Commons.

Andrea raised this issue during Home Office Questions to push for tougher sentences for those found guilty of such crimes.