Fighting For Better Transport


The station in Morley needs some major improvements. In June 2014, Andrea brought the Transport Minister Robert Goodwill up to the area to see first hand what improvements need to be made. and also the Secretary of State Patrick McLoughlin in December They discussed the need for a ticket machine, improved lighting, car parking facilities and disabled access. 

Mr McLoughlin said: “Morley Station is a very important station. What we’re seeing is a huge growth in the rail network and more people using it. Morley is so vitally important as far as Leeds concerned - you’ve got good connections here. Perhaps the station needs a bit of expenditure as far as the facilities are concerned.”

Andrea said, "I believe that we also need to put a strong business case together to demonstrate to bus companies that we need a more regular bus service. And your MP I will continue to fight for improvements so that we get the station that and transport links that our area deserves."

Since her election, Andrea has campaigned vigorously on improving rail links. She has held meetings with a variety of Transport Ministers, including Andrew Jones MP and Paul Maynard MP. Furthermore, Andrea regularly met with Morley Station stakeholders, to ensure that the train station issue is tackled cooperatively.

In early 2017 Andrea was delighted to announce proposed improvements to Morley Station, as agreed by a variety of Stakeholders and Andrea at a meeting at the Station. Read more here


Andrea knows how vital it is to support drivers. They are the backbone of the economy and society, being small businesses and providing people with the means to get to school, work, hospitals and police stations. 

Due to this, Andrea began a campaign called 'Pothole Patrol', calling on drivers to email in any pothole locations they come across. She used this collection of evidence in meetings with Leeds City Council to encourage them to spend the amount needed on fixing roads in bad condition. Constituents are encouraged to keep emailing in pothole pictures and locations, so that they can continue to work on improving roads and making drivers' lives easier. 

Following her campaign Andrea welcomed the Government's dedicated Pothole Fund, to help improve the condition of roads in the North and to make her constituents' lives smoother and more stress-free. 

As well as roads, Andrea understands how fuel duty can burden drivers' lives. Prior to the Autumn Statement Andrea delivered a Fair Fuel UK petition calling on the Chancellor to freeze fuel duty in his Statement. Read more here.

She was delighted when the Chancellor listened to her advice and announced a fuel duty freeze in the Statement.

As a part of her campaign to lower fuel duty, Andrea spoke to ITV Calendar about the proposed diesel tax in Leeds. She highlighted how the diesel tax is regressive, as it punishes drivers with new, clean diesel vehicles as well as those with older, more dangerous ones. Furthermore, Andrea raised more successful air quality improvement models, such as the one seen in Japan, which encourages the adoption of hybrid car models, rather than the punishment of diesel drivers. Read more here.


Andrea understands the need to improve Bus links in the area and why constituents have been calling for a new and improved bus station. As a part of her desire to understand how Bus services in the area can be improved, she held two bus surgeries in combination with First Bus and Arriva.

The Bus surgeries allowed constituents to board a bus and present Andrea and a member of either the First Bus or Arriva team their concerns and see how they could be remedied. The surgeries were extremely successful with many constituents getting involved, and it allowed Andrea to form a wider picture of the bus situation in the area.