Educating Our Children and Preparing Them For The Future

Education is and always will be a priority of mine. We have some excellent schools, and I want to ensure that every child leaves school and is ready to succeed.

I will continue to work with and support our local schools and to make sure they receive the best support from the Government and deliver for our young people locally. 

I welcome the Prime Minister's commitment to guarantee a higher minimum funding for all secondary school pupils.

As some may already know, before politics I was involved in education. 

As a strong believer in social mobility, and how education can help drive positive mobility regardless of background, I am proud to support our local schools. 

Across Morley and Outwood our local schools are some of the best, with many regularly achieving an Ofsted rating of 'Outstanding' or higher. 

I always enjoy visiting the students of our local schools, hearing their views for their future, taking questions, and thanking the fantastic staff. 

In 2019 so far, I have visited The Morley Academy, Outwood Grange, Bruntcliffe, Rodillian, Woodkirk, Elliot Hudson College, Asquith Primary, Thorpe Primary, OPA Kirkhamgate, Morley Newlands, Westerton, and OPA Ledger Lane. I look forward to visiting other schools in our local area in the near future. 

I have discussed current issues and presented petitions from local schools in Parliament and have hosted classes in the House of Commons, it was great to meet some of the leaders of tomorrow! 

I have organised local meetings with the Minister of State for School Standards and local teachers & stakeholders, and I regularly meet the Secretary of State for Education to discuss issues, and successes from our local area. 


Primary Schools 

I am so pleased that recent figures show that the majority of primary schools in Morley and Outwood have seen an significant increase from last year (2018) in the proportion of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics. 

I am so proud of our local area and could not be more pleased with the further progress our schools have made this past year.

Read about this in more detail, including with a list of the local schools that have shown such fantastic increases in success here: Click me! 


Secondary Schools

It's always great to get a chance to visit these fantastic schools and praise both students and staff for their hard work.

As the statistics below show, our schools are going from strength to strength and ensuring local students are prepared and well equip to achieve their dreams! 

There are five secondary schools in our local area, discounting special and independent schools for which we have no data. 

The Morley Academy

-Well above average progress between Key Stage 2 and 4.
-Outstanding Ofsted rating
-92% of pupils staying in education or entering employment (Stats of 2016 leavers) 

Bruntcliffe Academy

-Above average progress between Key State 2 and 4.
-Good Ofsted rating
-90% of pupils staying in education or entering employment (Stats of 2016 leavers) 

Woodkirk Academy

-Above average progress between Key State 2 and 4.
-Good Ofsted rating
-96% of pupils staying in education or entering employment (Stats of 2016 leavers) 

Rodillian Academy

-Above average progress between Key State 2 and 4.
-Good Ofsted rating
-90% of pupils staying in education or entering employment (Stats of 2016 leavers) 

Outwood Grange Academy

-Average progress between Key State 2 and 4.
-Outstanding Ofsted rating
-96% of pupils staying in education or entering employment (Stats of 2016 leavers) 

More statistics: Here




Below, residents can find some of my recent work regarding education and in support of our local schools: 


Andrea Visits Ledger Lane Academy

Fantastic to visit Ledger Lane Academy today to see the fantastic new school building & say good luck to the Year 6 class before the last day tomorrow!

Andrea Visits Outwood Grange Academy

It was a pleasure to visit Outwood Grange Academy today & see the fantastic planning that has gone into ensuring students can safely continue to receive their outstanding education- well done to the brilliant team and all involved!

Andrea Visits The Morley Academy

Today it was a pleasure to meet with Principal Adam Ryder at the Morley Academy, and tour this outstanding school and see how the brilliant team there have adapted to the current situation. 

Andrea Meets OGA Lofthouse Gate School Parliament

Thank you to the School Parliament at Outwood Grange Academy Lofthouse Gate for meeting with me this morning!

It was great to tell you all about my role as an MP and answer your insightful questions!

Wakefield Express: A Shining Example of Local Entrepreneurship

I recently paid a visit to Brenda’s forced rhubarb farm in Kirkhamgate, within the famous rhubarb triangle. Brenda’s farm is a shining example of local entrepreneurship continuing in the tradition passed down by generations, indeed almost all of the work is still done by hand.

Andrea Visits Little Buttons Nursery

Just visited the amazing Little Buttons Nursery in Churwell, thanks to Warren for showing me around.

The children were so well behaved too!

Andrea Visits Birchfield Primary School

Really great to visit Birchfield Primary School in Gildersome this morning.

Year 6 had been studying the European Union & had some great Questions!

Andrea Attends Outwood Cadets Parade

It was a pleasure to join proud parents at Outwood Grange Academy for the Combined Cadet Force (Navy) opening parade this afternoon

Truly inspiring and hardworking young people, thank you to all that make this possible for students in our area.