Crime Analysis Report

The Crime Analysis Report in conjunction with Andrea Jenkyns MP and Ardsleys and Tingley Neighbourhood Watch seeks to drive down crime within the local vicinity of East and West Ardsley and Tingley.

C.A.R aims to provide a responsive database of community reported crime via a simple and easy to use reporting form across social media outlets which will be reinforced by a survey allowing residents to express their views on crime.

The project will initially run for a trial period of 6 months with regular feedback to the effected communities.

The inaugural meeting was held on 27th September from 7.30 pm at Tingley Working Men's Club.

The follow up meeting will take place in April 2019 after data collected has been collated and analysed.




Please always report your crime to the police and always call 999 in an emergency.


Please use the link below or call: 01133450380




Thank you for taking the time to complete the above form. After you have completed, please take a few minutes to complete the 'impact of crime' survey.


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Impact of Crime Survey

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Have you ever been a victim of crime?
What type of crime have you experienced?
If you reported the crime, which method did you use?
Did the police attend the crime scene?
Has the crime or issue now been resolved?
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