Call for clarity: Newmarket Stadium

Please note: I have now closed the petition. If you would still like to comment on Newmarket Stadium, please contact my office on 0113 345 0380. You can read the latest developments on this campaign on the links below. 


Andrea Jenkyns MP is calling for a public meeting for the different stakeholders of the Newmarket Stadium to come together, along with the people of Wakefield, to answer the questions: Why hasn’t a stadium been built yet? What will the different parties do to fix the issue?

The MP, who believes the blame game should stop and that Wakefield Council and Yorkcourt Properties, the developer, should get on with building the stadium and cooperate with the Stadium Trust and the people of Wakefield, has written a statement outlining her views.

In it she calls for people to join her in her request for a public meeting by adding their name in support.

The Newmarket Stadium issue extends back to 2010, when Yorkcourt Properties submitted the application for development on Green Belt land which included the Stadium. In 2012, the application received approval by the Secretary of State with the condition that a stadium be completed to a design capacity of 12,000.

To this day, work on the stadium has not yet begun.

Over the past few months Andrea has conducted three meetings with the Stadium Trust, seeking the best way forward to resolve this issue.

Ms Jenkyns hopes that with this call for a public meeting the people of Wakefield will hear directly from the parties with a stake in the stadium and propose a solution for the community in a transparent and clear manner once and for all.

Commenting on her public meeting proposal Ms Jenkyns said:

“It is atrocious that there has been no progress on the Newmarket Stadium.

“The residents of Wakefield have been seriously and painfully let down. Green Belt land was approved for development on the condition that a Stadium be built. The blame game must stop and the Council and the developer must get on with the job.

“The residents of Wakefield deserve to have full transparency regarding the development of former Green Belt land and they deserve to see their Community Stadium built. I hope that as transparent and fair stakeholders they agree to come together openly to answer to the people of Wakefield and propose to them a way forward.

“By adding your name to this request you will add your name to a growing list of people who are frustrated with the Council and Yorkcourt for their continued game playing on this issue and who want to see visible progress.”


If you too would like to add your name in support of the call for a public meeting with Wakefield Council, Yorkcourt (the developer) and the Stadium Trust please complete the form below:

If you are unable to see the form correctly please follow this link.  


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Andrea Stands with Residents: Newmarket Community Stadium

Over the years I have gathered over a thousand names to a petition calling for clarity and transparency from the council, I have lobbied the Council for a public meeting to help keep residents informed, and just last year I wrote once again to the Council’s Planning Department, both in my role as

UPDATE: Newmarket Stadium

First of all I would like to say thank you to the 1,117 fans who have added their name in support of our call for a public meeting to date. This is absolutely fantastic so thank you and please do continue to spread the word.