Brexit Survey

60% of our local area voted to leave the European Union, and the vast majority of emails, letters, and phone calls I receive from residents tell me that Morley and Outwood wants to take back control. 

Whenever I am walking around the towns and villages that make up our local area, people stop me to discuss Brexit and how much they want to the referendum result to be respected. 

I have launched this survey to prove further, beyond anecdotal evidence, that our local area wants to leave the European Union, and does not want to tell the political establishment again- Leave means Leave! 

THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED - Thank you to all for taking part, all personal data has now been destroyed. 


Total participants: 474 

2016 Referendum:
Leave: 298
Did not vote: 19


How would the same participants vote in a second referendum:

Leave: 308
Undecided: 6


Morley and Outwood Brexit Survey


Brexit Indicative Votes: How I voted

Last night, Parliament voted in what was termed, 'indicative votes'. MPs voted on eight alternative Brexit options in total.