Tougher Sentences for Animal Cruelty

I have written to Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to support the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home campaign to increase the maximum custodial sentence for the most serious acts of animal cruelty to five years imprisonment.

Stop Trophy Imports

As a passionate advocate for animal rights, I am happy to support this campaign to stop trophy imports. 

Banning trophy imports will not only send a strong message to the world, that Britain is standing up for animals, but also will help to end the barbaric practice of trophy hunting. 

Brexit Survey

60% of our local area voted to leave the European Union, and the vast majority of emails, letters, and phone calls I receive from residents tell me that Morley and Outwood wants to take back control. 

Help Fight Crime In Our Area

Like residents, I want to see more police on the beat in Morley and Outwood to help tackle crime, increase police visibility, and keep our communities safe. 

Crime Analysis Report

The Crime Analysis Report in conjunction with Andrea Jenkyns MP and Ardsleys and Tingley Neighbourhood Watch seeks to drive down crime within the local vicinity of East and West Ardsley and Tingley.

Andrea joins local optician campaign for regular eye examinations

Andrea joins local optician campaign for regular eye examinations from the age of 3

Andrea Jenkyns MP is asking for your support to raise awareness about this important issue that was raised by local optician, Moin Valli, Managing Director of The Valli Group of Opticians.