Neuro Diversity Event at Andrea’s Office!

Are you neuro diverse? Do you, your children or grandchildren have ADHD, Autism or any other neuro diverse condition?

Then please come along to our event and hear from our local and inspiring Author Callum about his experiences and how to get support and how to thrive.

As someone myself who has ADHD I understand the daily challenges and also the rewards of a neuro diverse brain!

Look forward to seeing you at our event.

Please email or call to register and share with those who may be interested.

Andrea visits Knowle Manor Care Home!

Today I met with residents of Knowle Manor, who told me of their wonderful experiences of living there, how the team gave them a magical Christmas and also of the stress and fear they feel that the Council are looking into closing the home.

Please sign my petition to keep open Knowle Manor so they can staying in their home and with their friends and people who care for them. I will continue to fight for this!