Andrea welcomes new mental health support

Andrea  has welcomed new measures proposed by the Government to deal with mental health, so more children and young people receive support and care.

During a NHS performance statement Andrea questioned the Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt on how the new government strategy will help young people in Yorkshire, as currently 1 in 50 young people in the region receive mental health care.

The Secretary of State outlined how the Government will be treating 70,000 more young people with mental health conditions a year by the end of this parliament, he also highlighted how the Government will increase mental health support for local schools.

This support will include mental health first aid training to increase awareness around mental health and to try and tackle the unacceptable stigma around the issue.

Andrea was reassured by the Secretary of State’s answer, stating:

“For too long there hasn’t been enough focus on mental healthcare in this country, it has been hidden injustice and surrounded by unacceptable stigma, leaving many to suffer in silence.

“These new proposals will ensure children and young people receive the compassion, care and the treatment they deserve.

“This is an opportunity to make sure we are providing attention and treatment for those deserving of compassion and help, striving to improve mental wellbeing and ensure that everyone is supported.”