Andrea welcomes latest dog breeding rules

Andrea has today welcomed the latest dog breeding licensing rules, introduced as part of a swathe of reforms to safeguard Britain’s pets.

The new rules will mean smaller establishments – sometimes called ‘backstreet breeders’ – which supply thousands of dogs to unknowing families each year, as well as larger commercial breeders, must meet strict welfare criteria to get a licence.

The rules will also be updated and made fit for the modern age with anyone trading commercially in pets online needing to be properly licensed, to help make reputable sellers easily accessible to prospective buyers.

The plans also cover how pet shops, boarding houses and riding stables are licensed, introducing a single ‘animal activities licence’ to improve the process and make enforcement easier.

Andrea is on the Animal Welfare All Party Parliamentary Group and is a keen proponent of animal rights, working with organisations such as the Dog’s Trust and RSPCA to improve animal welfare standards across the nation.

Commenting on the new rules, Andrea stated:

“Animal welfare and in particular dog licensing are huge interests of mine.”

“I have a dog, Godiva, who is a mini schnauzer and came from an unscrupulous puppy farm. When I found out it really opened my eyes to the dangers of inadequate breeding rules, as often dogs are not vaccinated, are malnourished and overbred.”

“I am delighted with this announcement and it is a step in the right direction towards drastically improving puppies’ life chances and the treatment of dogs across the country.”