Andrea welcomes dedicated pothole fund

Following her hugely successful ‘Pothole Patrol’ campaign fighting for road improvement in Morley and Outwood, Andrea has welcomed the Government’s announcement of a dedicated pothole fund. 

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority will benefit from an added £2,231,000 to improve roads in the area and Andrea is hopeful that a portion of this fund will be dedicated to Morley and Outwood.

The ‘Pothole Patrol’ campaign, whereby constituents submit photos and locations of potholes they come across, provides documented evidence of potentially damaging potholes which will hopefully be addressed with this new dedicated fund.

Andrea was quick to highlight the need to address road conditions in Morley and Outwood, stating:

“It is fantastic news that potholes are being targeted across the country.

“In Morley and Outwood, potholes have caused drivers incrediblefrustration by delaying travel times and damaging vehicles for far too long.

“As a part of my Pothole Patrol campaign I will call on the WYCA to focus funds on our constituency and make sure road improvement in Morley and Outwood is addressed.

“I also encourage constituents to keep sending me details of potholes they come across.”