Andrea welcomes decision to not bring forward changes to National Insurance Contributions

Following extended discussions with colleagues and large amounts of constituent correspondence, Andrea welcomed the Chancellor’s decision to not bring forward changes regarding National Insurance contributions.

In Morley and Outwood, between October 2013 and September 2016, the average number of self-employed people was 7,000.

In Yorkshire and Humber during the same period, 331,000 people were self-employed.

Andrea commented on the decision announced today, stating:

“The self-employed form a crucial part of our economy and I am glad this Government is committed to protecting them.

“The entrepreneurial and dedicated individuals who form the self-employed sector of our economy must be celebrated and not hit with higher taxes.

“I had discussions with colleagues and presented my views; that we must thoroughly respect the manifesto commitments I was elected on not to raise National Insurance.

“It is sometimes easy to forget that these entrepreneurs have no statutory sick leave or holiday pay and they often put their family homes on the line to finance their dreams. I am delighted this Government will continue to support the self-employed that work so hard and risk so much to create wealth and employment opportunities for our society.”