Andrea dicusses bail houses with Policing Minister Damian Green

Prospective parliamentary candidate Andrea Jenkyns invited Policing Minister Damian Green up to meet with Morley Police Inspector Steve Sullivan to discuss the great work Yorkshire police are doing with internet safety for schools and how they are working with partners to clean up the local area, Andrea and the Inspector also discussed the issues regarding the bail house situation down the High Street.

Miss Jenkyns said; ‘It was a pleasure to bring the Policing Minister Damian Green to meet local Inspector Steve Sullivan and discuss some of the great work that they are doing.  The Minister is passionate about preventing domestic abuse, and this is something that I also have a deep interest in preventing. Inspector Sullivan discussed the campaign that West Yorkshire Police have regarding domestic abuse and also their latest campaign to help support school children with internet safety.  Mr Green said he was impressed with both these initiatives and with Inspector Sullivan’s infectious enthusiasm for his work.

‘Having heard about the bail house situation in Morley High Street, I wanted to discuss with the Minister the issues of local residents and my concerns regarding lack of consultation with local partners. We also talked about the possible need for a change in legislation to ensure that there is consultation with all stakeholders including; local authorities, residents, police and schools regarding placement of future bail houses. The Minister showed great interest and assured me he would look into this matter’.
I would like to thank both the Minister and Inspector Sullivan for their time.