About Andrea

A life outside politics: Family, Charities, Activism and Animals 

-Andrea was born and raised in the county she loves, Yorkshire.

-After leaving school at 16, Andrea got a job in Greggs and worked her way up through a diverse career, including Saturday assistant, Senior Management, Music Tutor in three secondary schools, and running her own business. She was even a retail store manager at our local shopping centre- The White Rose. 

-Further roles included; International Business Development Manager for an executive management training company in which she was solely responsible for increasing sales penetration in Europe and Asia through developing client relations in both the public and private sectors. 

-In her late-thirties she decided to re-train and studied Economics through the Open University and embarked upon a Degree in International Relations and Politics, graduating at the age of 40. She combined both of this with her job, which shows her strength at being able to juggle a busy life with other commitments

-Andrea has a young son, Clifford George, who was born on Wednesday 29th of March 2017. As an active proponent and the MP coordinator in Yorkshire for the Vote Leave campaign, Andrea was thrilled that her boy's birthday shared the date with the official triggering of Article 50. Andrea enjoys little more than spending time with her son Clifford, who is now walking! 

-Clifford is named after Andrea's late and beloved father, whose tragic death in 2011 from the hospital superbug MRSA following a routine operation at a local hospital pushed Andrea into politics. Following the loss of her father, Andrea became a Trustee and the Regional Representative (Voluntary) for the charity MRSA Action UK and has been campaigning for better patient care for many years.

-Andrea is a soprano singer and songwriter and has always used her music as a way in which to fundraise for charities including; Macmillan, Wish upon a Star, Help for Heroes, Home Start, Save The Children, the Army Benevolent Fund and the Doris Banham Dog Charity. 

-Andrea has a compassionate nature, with a desire to protect the most vulnerable and also animals. As an animal lover, Andrea has long been a vegetarian and supporter of animal rights. Andrea's Mini Schnauzers, Lady and Godiva, won top prize in the Westminster Dog of the Year show 2015. Lady has since passed away, however Andrea still has Godiva who often joins her on the campaign trail! Andrea has recently adopted another dog, Suzie, following a visit to Whitehall Dog Rescue in East Ardsley. 



In politics: Upfront, Direct, and strong Yorkshire woman

-Andrea was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Morley and Outwood in May 2015, famously beating the then Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, by 422 votes. At the 2017 general election, she increased her vote share by 11.8%, raising her majority to 2,104 votes. In the 2019 General Election, Andrea was once again re-elected with a 6% increase in the vote share, and an increased majority which now stands as 11,267. 

-Andrea spends some of the week representing residents in Westminster, and the rest back home in Yorkshire where she regularly holds rotating surgeries across the constituency to discuss issues with constituents, holds regular events such as jobs fairs and memory cafes, and attends local events. 

-When elected in 2015, Andrea made a promise to vote against any legislation to repeal the Hunting Act and at the 2017 General Election she made the same pledge. Andrea firmly believes the reintroduction of fox hunting is unnecessary and unwanted by local people

-In the last Parliament Andrea sat on the Health Select Committee, and until Brexit was delivered, Andrea sat on the Committee for Exiting the EU. 

-Andrea is the Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government 

As front bench politicians will no doubt now know, Andrea is an upfront, direct, straight talking and strong Yorkshire woman who passionately stands up for her constituents and what she believes in. 


Andrea has highlighted six key issues that are her focus for Morley and Outwood going forward.

These are:

Standing up and ensuring we deliver Brexit

Andrea has been a passionate and lifelong Brexiteer. As far back as 2014, Andrea was working on the 'Let Britain Decide' campaign, which advocated for the British people to have the final say on their membership of the EU through a referendum. Local residents share her belief, and in 2016 voted to leave the EU by 60%. Andrea is committed to standing up for the referendum result and ensuring the Government respects the will of the British people to leave the EU in full. 

Andrea firmly believes that it is time to break the deadlock in Parliament and get Brexit done! 

Compassionate Care and continued support for mental health

Andrea welcomes the Government's work on mental health, and locally has taken the initiative. Andrea works with carers and the Alzheimer's society to host regular Memory Cafes across the constituency. She has also hosted mental heath round tables and is working to improve access to counselling in schools. At Andrea's recent health fair in Morley, a large number of stall holders were representing mental health charities and support - mirroring Andrea's belief that mental health should be treated on parity with physical health. 

More investment to improve our roads and rail services

Andrea is keen to improve transport across Morley and Outwood. She has launched a pothole patrol hotline (07383339411) for residents to report potholes on. Additionally, she has worked with the Government to secure more funding for our train stations, and succeeded in getting a long overdue ticket machine for Morley Train Station. Andrea holds regular bus surgeries with local transport companies so that residents can put their issues and thoughts directly to the decision makers - and regularly takes forward casework and local issues with local transport stakeholders. 

Tougher Sentences and cracking down on crime

Andrea is committed to fighting for safer streets and protected communities. Andrea has fought for more investment into policing, and has welcomed recent increased investment into our local police force. Its vital also that we support victims of crime, and Andrea has done significant work with families in our area. Andrea has campaigned for tougher sentences for criminals, to help deter crime. She has also called for a minimum sentence for assaults on emergency service workers to help protect those who keep us safe.  

Protecting our greenbelt and building more affordable homes. 

Andrea stands with residents against the Council's housing plans, they are based on an inflated target set by Labour Councillors. She is working with residents action groups to stop unsuitable developments on our green spaces, especially where local infrastructure simply cannot cope. Andrea also recognises that more affordable homes need to be built in our area- though on brownfield and other suitable sites 

Educating our children and preparing them for the future

Andrea knows education is the key for our collective future and supports local schools. Andrea visits local schools regularly to hear their thoughts and view best practice, she then takes these conversations to the Education department and lobbies for improvements that will help local people. Andrea will continue to work with local schools to ensure the get the best support from the Government 

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